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Bangles Introduction
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Bangles Sidebar
Bangles Sidebar
The Bangles were one of the most successful all-girl groups in history. Due to a number of limited editions, they remain a popular artist amongst collectors. The main concentration on these pages is on singles in their various formats. I am a little thin on the ground regarding their US releases however, so any updates would be appreciated. Also featured is Susanna Hoffs solo material - she released a fair amount after the band split. The Petersons' solo material is also covered. Also, as a point of interest, Vicki Peterson did take on a stint on a recent "Go Go's" tour with Belinda Carlisle, but as far as I know, no records have been released including her.

One of the things that makes some of the 7" singles collectable is the fact that CBS issued a number of picture discs / poster sleeves / gatefold sleeves etc in the UK.

There was even a limited edition with 4 Bangles "badges", which is now quite tough to track down.

The singles were often released througout Europe and in Japan, Australia & Canada as well as the US. This sometimes makes for an interesting mix of different sleeves for the same release or different 'B' sides etc.

As with most artists, the Japanese releases are of particular interest to collectors and command higher prices than the UK or US versions for example.

Bangles 80s
The Bangles During the 80's
Susanna Hoffs
Susanna Hoffs

Susanna Hoffs solo records are also proving popular to collectors - they often include some stunning photos of Susanna. Always rising in price are the promo CDs, especially those containing rare acoustic tracks and the ever popular picture discs. Also look out for her recent collaborations with Matthew Sweet.

The Bangles are now back together (minus Michael Steele) and touring the US (and occasionally Europe too). The recent "Doll Revolution" CD rekindled interest in the older collectables and has also produced some new ones. Rumours are that there will be a new studio album in 2010 and this should produce some new items for the collector.

There is a seemingly never ending list of compilation CDs - most offering no new content - to entice the Bangles collector to spend more cash!

Thanks for recent information on Debbie Peterson's "Kindred Spirit" and Vicki Peterson's "Continental Drifters" to David Sharp!

I believe this site has the most comprehensive Bangles discography anywhere on the net. If you think differently, or know of missing items, then please let me know!

Collectors should also check out iTunes where there are extra tracks from Susanna Hoffs / Matthew Sweet which didn't make it onto the "Under The Covers vol 2" album.

Bangles Ticket

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