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Belinda Carlisle Introduction

Belinda Carlisle
Belinda Carlisle

These pages concentrate on Belinda's solo career - her releases with the successful all-girl group, the "Go Go's" are not listed here. In the UK and Europe, Belinda's CD singles and 12" singles are very collectable.
The reason for this is that Virgin records tended to release quite a few "special formats" for her releases such as picture discs, poster sleeves, including free postcards or making the CD singles "picture discs" etc. Do be careful however when looking to buy some of the items however - prices vary considerably, so shop around!

Recently, prices seem to have gone up considerably for the older items. Her latest records have not sold so well in the UK (or elsewhere) and so whilst they maybe scarcer in the future, they can be picked up reasonably cheaply at the moment.

There have also been some nice items from the US, Japan and Australia amongst other locations. Especially worth looking out for are the items with different OBI strips from Japan.

Belinda Carlisle
Belinda Carlisle

Perhaps now is the time to invest in some bargain "promo" items, which surely can only increase in value, especially if Belinda makes a return to chart "form" in the future.

In addtion to the various "Return to the 80's" type of shows with multiple acts that Belinda performs, she also engaged in a short tour of the UK in 2014 as well as a US tour with the Go Go's.

Belinda Carlisle Ticket

In fact 2014 has been a great year for Belinda fans with Edsel Records (part of the Demon Music Group) re-releasing all of her solo CDs in remastered and expanded forms.

These have been presented in very attractive "book" style packages. There have also been some new compilations.

Thanks to Franco for some additions in the disography section. All additions and corrections are gratefully received!

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