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Mariah Carey Introduction

Mariah Carey Ticket Stub

Mariah Carey Ticket Stub
Mariah Tickets from Wembley Arena

Mariah Carey has grown from her first single, Vision of Love, to be one of the World's most popular and well known vocalists. Her releases span the globe and often different mixes of songs can be found on various formats, in different countries. This is just one of the reasons why her records and CDs are now highly collectable amongst her fans. As Mariah is also very photogenic, her records often feature attractive picture covers. These also sometimes vary from country to country.
Sony / Columbia / CBS / Virgin also released a large number of "promotional only" items from Mariah. Many are listed on this site. On some, rare mixes can be found, often not available on any commercial releases. Sometimes the items are identical to the commercial release with just the words "for promotional use only" printed on them. Mariah's "promos" are more common in the US than elsewhere in the World.  Virgin Records released a number of "Glitter" related promotional CDs and records, although these will undoubtedly dry up as Mariah has now left the label. We can expect more now from Universal with the release of "The Emancipation of Mimi". There are a number of Mariah Carey Bootleg CDs in circulation. I do not have any of them, but would welcome information from those that do!

Bootlegs are illegal discs, often featuring live material, but many people collect them, hence their recent listing on these pages. Neither Sony, nor Mariah receive royalties from these "unofficial" releases. I do not include "home made" CDRs on this site as they are not worthy of the word "collectable" !!

Particularly nice for the collector are the Japanese CD releases with their variety of OBI strips.

Mariah Carey
Ms Carey
If you have details of any Mariah Carey releases not listed on these pages, or spot any errors, then please email me! If you are able to attach an image of the sleeve then please do! Don't forget to check out my "for sale" pages as well. Finally if you want a link to your page to appear, please put a link to mine and send me your URL via the contact page.

As at August 2014, the site now proudly displays over 1350 Mariah items!!

Many thanks for recent information to Anton Khristyuk, Kerry Scrimshaw and Licinio Lisboa. Also thanks to Jesse Brown, Michael Merino, Stevie T, Christine Geyer and Kalev Tammsalu. And to Tony for his help with many of the Australian releases and Brandy Koleta for some recent Bootleg info - it is all apreciated!

Hero - Japanese PD
Hero - Rare Japanese Picture Disc

I think it is also worth highlighting one other site which offers the collector an unparalleled level of information on Mariah Carey items (and they have been very helpful in providing me with information too). There's also much more that just information for the collector - it's a real fan site.

The Mariah Carey Archives is a stunning site and definitely worth checking out.



Mariah Carey

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