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Quireboys Introduction

The Quireboys are a hard rock band formed during 1984, in London, England with strong ties to Newcastle. When the band formed they were originally known as the London Quireboys in the US and this is still evident on many of their stateside releases. The band were successful during the late 1980s and early 1990s, with their debut album "A Bit of What You Fancy" reaching #2 on the UK charts. Their highest charting single for the band was with the song "Hey You", it reached #14. In 1993, the Quireboys broke up but briefly reformed live in 1995 with different members. A more permanent reformation came in 2001 when front man Spike, guitarist Guy Griffin and bassist Nigel Mogg put together a new line-up. The band is still active, recording new material and playing live. Spike will typically open each show with the words "We're the Quireboys and THIS is Rock and Roll!"


The Quireboys 2010
Quireboys Ticket
They released two singles via Survival Records, entitled "Mayfair" and "There She Goes Again". The original versions of these singles are a bit harder to track down than their Parlophone (EMI) reissues which came after Sharon Osbourne became their manager and as the band released their classic debut album "A Bit of What You Fancy.

"Bitter Sweet & Twisted" came out in 1993, but shortly afterwards disappeared from public view and were believed to have split up. EMI took the opportunity to release a selection of compliations and live recordings during the years after this and the band reformed for a number of low key gigs in the mid 90's.

They found themselves with a loyal following. A new line up recorded and released "This Is Rock'N'Roll" in 2002 and followed it with the moderately successful "Well Oiled" in 2004.

Perhaps previously missing the backing of a label who really believed in the band, on May 12th 2008 The Quireboys released their long awaited album "Homewreckers & Heartbreakers" on the Jerkin Crocus label. Whilst the lack of singles these days means less material for the deidcated collector, vocalist Jonathan Gray (commonly referred to as just "Spike") has also recorded a number of solo CDs and these are included in the discography, together with some promo releases.
Quireboys Ticket - Sheffield

* Portions of the above text are extracted from the Wikipedia page on the band.

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