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Slade Introduction
When The Lights Are Out PYE
The Pye label for the much sort after 7" single of "When The Lights Are Out" by "The Dummies"
When The Lights Are Out CHEAPSKATE
The same single, released on "Cheapskate" was also the Slade song performed by Jim & Frank Lea
Slade - probably the band of the 1970's. Collectors of the work of the four Wolverhampton rockers will be aware that there is a wealth of material to gather. One of the most interesting areas is that of the 7" vinyl single. Slade were huge all over Europe from 1972-1975 and there are a vast array of different picture covers which accompanied the single releases. Many of these are now quite hard to track down, especially in mint condition. Especially desirable are those singles released in Japan, which regularly command high prices today.

Also, keep an eye out for records by "Ambrose Slade". This was Slade's name, immediately before that became "Slade". Acetates also occasionally appear from "Steve Brett & The Mavericks" (featuring Noddy), "The Vendors" and "The 'N Betweens" (Dave & Don). You will have to be rich to be able to afford these though!

Slightly more obtainable are releases by "The Dummies" and "China Dolls" which were Jim Lea side projects when Slade were failing to get airplay. Also take time to find the excellent "Whild" CD single from 1999. 

Periodically Jim releases material under assumed names (Whild, Greenfields of Tong etc), so keep an eye out for those.

Also, rare gems occasionally crop up on eBay.

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