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T'Pau Introduction

T'Pau were an group formed in 1986 - originally from Shrewsbury. They had a string of hits in the UK and Europe and limited success in Japan and the US. The band took their name from a character from Star Trek.

Original band members were. Carol Decker (Vocals), Ron Rogers (Rhythm Guitar), Tim Burgess (Drums / Percussion), Michael Chetwood (Keyboards), Paul Jackson (Bass) and Taj Wyzgowski (Lead Guitar). The latter was subsequently replaced by Dean Howard after the recording of the "Bridge of Spies" Album. Their first hit was "Heart and Soul" in 1986, which reached No. 4 in both the UK and US charts. The following year the band had their biggest hit with the ballad "China in your hand" which spent five weeks at number one in the UK charts. A string of lesser hits followed.

Of interest to the collector are the various limited editions which Virgin / Siren records produced which included Picture Discs / Poster Sleeves / Gatefold Sleeves etc as well as a couple of "Fan Club" only type items.

Unfortuately with their popularity slightly on the wane, the band split in 1991. Carol Decker has had some success as a solo artist, but in reason years has been touring with a new incarnation of T'Pau where she is the only original member. This version are most likely to be seen around the UK in as part of an "eighties" show with multiple artists.

Potentially on the cards for 2010 is a new T'Pau album with tracks co-written by original songwriting partner, Ron Rogers - so there should be some new items to look out for. As with many artists, their previous record companies put out many compilations of "hits" - most offer nothing new other than a new sleeve to collect and in T'Pau's case, some are barely official - including some unofficial "remixes" or live performances.

More information to follow. If anyone has any updates, please let me know.

Carol Decker
Carol Decker

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